Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 8.29.47 AM“SAVORY, SUCCULENT, and SINFULLY DELICIOUS” is the description for this outstanding Gourmet Chutney called “Sarabella’s Wicked Sweet Chutney”! Its creator, Sara Hays, is a self-proclaimed Southern Belle who is definitely as Southern as our Magnolias with a delightful and gregarious personality.

“Sarabella’s Wicked Sweet Chutney” hails from a longtime family favorite recipe created by her Mother, Nell Hays, who was a wonderful, traditional Southern cook.  Throughout Sara’s teenage and college years, she watched her Mother wave her magic culinary wand, and helped her often in the kitchen.  Between watching her Mother and her Grandmother, Sara developed a great passion and love for cooking.

Because this delicious Chutney was only made for special occasions as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, Sara decided it was time to make it year-round.  She tried her hand at it, “tweaking” it slightly to her tastebuds, and thus, it became her staple to serve at parties, and to take to friends “get-togethers”.  Those friends started encouraging her to market this product, and hence, “Sarabella’s” was born!

I do believe this Southern Belle is definitely going “GOURMET” places!!

Hunters Beware!!  Your game will “kick up its heels” when paired with this Chutney.  From Venison Sausage; Venison Tenderloin; Dove; Duck; Quail; Wild Turkey; Pheasant; Elk; Bison….you are definitely in for a mouth-watering treat!

If you are into easy and scrumptious GRILLIN…..what can we say other than to crank it up for Pork or Beef tenderloin; Lamb; Quail; Chicken; Ham; Ribs; Salmon; Catfish; Cod; Crab Cakes; Bacon-wrapped Shrimp; Burgers.  Need we say more?

Football Tailgating will be calling our names soon, so don’t forget to bring this Wicked Chutney along for your Pork Loin; Turkey Wraps; Ham biscuits; Chicken Tenders; Summer Sausage; Cheese platters; Hot Dogs; Egg rolls.

For the holidays, well, I believe, everything has been covered that we can pair this versatile Chutney with during our special family gatherings. “Sarabella’s Wicked Sweet Chutney” – Savory, Succulent, and Sinfully delicious!  The flavor goes on and on………………